The AlterNarrative Fellowship

Thrive introduced its Fellowship programme in 2017 for those seeking to understand and immerse themselves in field work straight after graduation, combining their passion for education and mental health with a keen focus on own capacity building, self-transformation and social impact.

The objective of the programme is to enable citizens to be concerned, responsible and empowered adults and address the paramount social injustice of inequity among the underserved children of our society. The mentors will act as unconditional, supportive figures that are available to guide and support the children in their everyday struggles and towards achieving their potential. Children from impoverished backgrounds typically lack consistent adult attachment figures. This programme is an attempt at providing the necessary emotional and social anchors to every vulnerable child.

Thrive’s one year AlterNarrative Fellowship is a unique offering to those who have completed their post graduation in Psychology and Social Work.

The Fellows will get exposure in doing deep interventions with diverse stakeholders in school settings while learning and applying principles of positive psychology to do strength-based mental health work with students, teachers and parents in low-resourced schools to ensure well-being of each stakeholder to make schools warm, safe and psychologically enabling spaces for children and adults to thrive in and help write alternative life stories of strength, purpose, achievement and hope. 

Fellowship Components

Selected Fellows will be trained over 50 hours on strength-based leadership, child development, positive psychology approaches and social-emotional learning which will assist them in doing impactful work in schools, communities, clinical and organisational settings.

Fellows will be placed in schools 3 days a week. Fellows will work with children in small group sizes taking sessions covering the different aspects of Social-emotional learning (SEL) and take individual counselling sessions for students. 

Fellows engage in debriefs and reflection circles which are spaces that are available to them to engage with their own experiences and work closely with the Thrive team on planning, design and execution of various curriculums. 

Learn more about your ELIGIBILITY and APPLICATION PROCESS here. 

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To read about the experiences of our past fellows, check out ‘Fellows Speak‘.

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